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Jolly John Vehicle Negotiation Assistance is here to help you get the best deal on a new or used vehicle from a dealer or private sale. With over 30 years of dealership management experience, we can help with a Purchase or Lease, with or without a trade. We will go to the dealer with you or handle the whole transaction for you to the point where all you need to do is sign the papers. We can work with dealers all over the United States and can help with ANY manufacturer. We can assist you with financing and selling your vehicle even if you haven't yet paid it off.

We are a completely independent negotiator and do not work for any dealer(s). We work for YOU!

Please call Peter for a quote today at 800-Hi-Jolly.
Why Use The Jolly Team
By Peter Gordon

Our team has over 60 years of combined automobile dealer experience from sales, service and parts departments. We have attended many National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) classes and have gone to thousands of automobile auctions. We work with a network of used vehicle buyers so we can shop your vehicle for you to insure that you are getting the most for your trade in. You see, you do not have to trade your car at the dealership where you buy your car. We will get a commitment from a used vehicle buyer and if the dealer wants to match it -fine, otherwise we will have the dealer take your vehicle in trade so you save on sales tax and the used vehicle buyer will purchase the vehicle from the dealer for the agreed upon price.

We have assisted people from Maine, Florida, even California purchase everything from Kia’s to exotic Porsches and BMW’s. We know the difference between factory rebates and dealer cash. We can explain the difference between leasing and buying in layman terms so you will understand the difference. We will help you determine the best options so you can make an intelligent decision with absolutely no pressure.

You may want a new vehicle but a used vehicle maybe the right way to go. You may think you need a new vehicle when all you really need are new tires and brakes. We will carefully consider everything you need to make a decision on which way to go, knowing that the ultimate decision is yours, and we will support you every step of the way.

So now the choice is yours. You can go and visit a few dealers and get that feeling that you paid more than someone else, or give us a call and let us guide you through the entire process. You see, buying a vehicle can be a very emotional purchase, and dealers play on those emotions. I know, I have sat on the other side of the desk; I have trained hundreds of salespeople and managers over the years on how to play on those emotions. The best reason to use us is we have no emotion dealing with the purchase and we can cut right to the chase. We can get to the decision makers without spending hours negotiating a deal. We won’t get worn down and give up because we just want to get it over with. And, most importantly, YOU are our customer. We work for YOU, not for the dealer.

Please give us a call (800-Hi-Jolly) and let us make this the easiest vehicle purchase you have ever made. We will be involved as much or as little as you need us. From finding the brand make and model you are looking for, to getting you the most for your trade, if you have one. We will make phone calls on your behalf, or go to the dealership with you and do all the talking for you. “Pay a little and save a lot” with the Jolly Team by your side!

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